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Angora sweater

   Sweatshirts with prints (and very different from the spirit of fun animalic Kenzo flirting and ending on religious themes by Givenchy and "bully" - creative director Ricardo Tisci) owned the hearts and wallets fashionistas wardrobe for several seasons.
   Wonder here, of course, nothing - as we all know, "fashion from the 90s" actively feshionistas comes on around the world by leaps and bounds. Following grunge background with his plaid shirt and ripped jeans to the streets and back stritstayl blogs and voluminous but feminine silhouettes. Namely - the coat-oversayz and soft fluffy mohair sweaters. They can be self-colored (preferably simple bright colors), and "equipment" or any simple geometric print. What is particularly nice - you can wear them with the same things that printovanny Sweatshirts. Particularly successful are coupled with pencil skirt and fashionable shoes on a massive heel and leather leggings and boots-choppers.