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Coat with leopard print

   Seriously talking about its appearance in the late 40s of last century, when Christian Dior (Christian Dior) presented his first collection in the style of the author's New Look. Many models have been made using the "leopard". And in 1949, recognized the genius of fashion illustration Rene Gryuo (René Gruau) introduced which later became the famous series of drawings of Miss Dior, one of which was a fine lady's hand rests on the strong domineering leopard paw. Gentle fingers buried in the fur, the plot is full of grace and confidence of true harmony.
   Then, in the elegant 50th, turbulent 60s and further under stairs history of fashion leopard print used in large quantities, symbolizing power , dominating the beginning of a bright and sexy. After all, even in ancient times human skin big cats tribesmen perceived as standing up, and having the right to exercise authority over them. Hence decoration thrones and royal residences leopard skins and their images.
   Today leopard print still popular, and some collections of designers such as Roberto Cavalli , is impossible to imagine without the use of animalistic motives . In stores you can find a huge number of objects of desire "feline", which may inadvertently undermine your budget. For example, a great coat from Paule Ka will cost you 50,000 rubles. However, there are always cheaper options: mass-market never sleeps.